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7 - 16 november 2008

various venues [click here for map]

a collection of transmedia installations and events
to complement the bridport literary festival08

paper map/programme available mid oct.

sculpture - video - audio - disquisition by

peter dibdin | charlotte fleischmann

ed jones | richard mabb | andrea crociani

david rogers | laura mulhern

samuel st.leger | sammy izri | nigel slight

joe stevens

supported by bridport arts centre | pva medialab
david fowlers | creeds the printers
comben electrical [portland]

jane's tiny table
by david rogers text by nigel slight
mixed media
venue: country seats

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serves all

bridport dorset
25|june - 02|july 2008

Naturalife - South Street
"If the bee disappeared...."
intervention by david rogers & nigel slight

Fruits of the Earth - Victoria Grove
recipe for disaster
intervention by david rogers & nigel slight

The Chapel in the Garden - East Street
by richard mabb [11am - 1pm sat.28]

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"If the bee disappeared then man would have four years of life left."





Albert Einstein [unconfirmed]






Breathing Still
marc atkins

date [tbc]

electricbackroom @[tbc]

a collection of prints and videos

viewing: invitation only