electric re::view #7 - November 2020
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Reflections :: Earth Music Unlimited (2013)

Earth Music Unlimited are: Edward Cowie, piano; Stephen Preston, flute; Mifune Tsuji violin. This improvisation entitled 'Reflections' was performed at the Colours of Water festival, London, 21st March 2013. 2013.

Rain Swifts :: Nemeton (2015)

Experimental ambient drone piece, inspired by San Bushman rock art and cosmology.

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Photosynthesis Makes a Sound :: Sarah Keartes (2018)

The ping of algae turning sunlight into energy adds to the soundscape of marine ecosystems.

Acoustic enrichment :: Nature (article)

Acoustic enrichment can enhance fish community development on degraded coral reef habitat.


World Rivers Day :: various artists (2020)

Ocean Procellarum :: Marcus Leadley (2020)

sound fishing :: Adrian Newton (2020)

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BBC Radio 4 - Open Country :: Ghost Ponds and Underwater Songs (2020)

. . . water boatmen, respiring plants and water beetles all produce sounds, so by listening to the underwater sounds in a pond, you can estimate its health..

View from the bridge :: Joe stevens [2012]

After torrential rain for most of June and then for 24 hours non stop on the 7th July 2012, Weymouth in Dorset becomes flooded. More than 70mm of rain fell between Friday and Sunday - that's more than a month's worth.

Track of the Month:

sounding 2 :: Nichola Christie [2017]

SoundCamp live performance 6th May 2017, a series listening events on International Dawn Chorus Day, musicians and artists responded to sounds transmitted live by audio streamers around the globe.

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