electric re::view #15 - July 2021 - The regularJOE [WLD] issue
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World Listening Day Project 'The Unquiet Earth' (Sunday 18th July 2021)
Lisbon-based filmmaker, curator, and organizer Raquel Castro created this year's theme.

The Unquiet Earth In 2020 we were forced to pause by an invisible virus. This brought countless consequences to the environment, and to the sonic environment in particular. New acoustic horizons emerged, signalling times of unquietness and global change, and requiring our listening awareness to evolve. Since its inception in 2010, thousands of people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day. July 18th is the birth date of renowned Canadian composer, music educator, and author, R. Murray Schafer. With the World Soundscape Project he developed the fundamental ideas and practices of acoustic ecology in the 1970s. These inform the current, burgeoning interest in our changing acoustic environment. Thus, World Listening Day honors Schafer's contribution to understanding our world.

electricbackroom STUDIO will be compiling and publishing a BandCamp audio download and .pdf booklet of participants audio, images, text, responses to this years WLD theme.

Technical spec:

Call Out for contributions:

The STUDIO would like to invite you to contribute to WLD 2021.
Please include your name, location and time of day with all recordings and/or responses.

Maximum number of contributions 3 in each category.

Output to:

1. BandCamp Album - plus bonus items Video - Pics - Texts:

Technical specifications


File format - .wav or mp3 44.1kHz sample rate
1 to 5 minutes duration.


File format - QuickTime movie (.MOV) or MPEG-4 files - 1 to 5 minutes duration.


File format - .jpg, 72dpi, landscape 800 pixels wide (maximum size 1.5MB)

Text (descriptive or creative responses):

File format - .doc or .docx

2. YouTube Channel:

File format - QuickTime movie (.MOV) or MPEG-4 files - 1 to 5 minutes duration.

3. Aporee Soundmap:

File format - .wav or mp3 44.1kHz sample rate (1 to 5 minutes duration)

Email your pictures and text contributions to david@electricbackroom.org.uk

Audio & Video files can be sent via wetransfer.com


Lille :: David Rogers (2011/2021)

Videos of the same street at the same time of day [the school run], over 2 days - Thursday 19 May and Friday 20 May 2011. The 'chance' camera obscura was created by there being small openings in the wooden shutters casting an image of the street onto a 'film' which covered the lower half of the window. The soundtrack is made by overlaying the two audio files so that they play simultaneously, creating a 'new' soundscape.


The Nightingales of Berlin :: Between the Ears - BBC sounds (available for over a year)

In early summer, as darkness descends, Berlin resonates with the sound of nightingales. You can hear their haunting, ever-changing songs in parks, woodlands and gardens across the city. From Kreuzberg to Treptower, Tempelhof to Hasenheide, Berlin has become a refuge for one of the most celebrated and mythologised birds on earth.

Online Event:

Gray Angels :: ILaria Boffa, Marjorie Van Halteren and Jeff Gburek (2021)
Thursday July 8 at 6pm – 6:20pm

Premiering three new sono poems by Ilaria Boffa (Italy), Marjorie Van Halteren (USA/France) and Jeff Gburek (USA/Poland), written independently around a theme.


Choose Your Poison :: Yshani Perinpanayagam (2021)

Choose Your Poison is an interactive musical composition presented as a computer game. It pulls together elements of Kate Raworth's Doughnut, Stockholm Resilience Centre's Nine Planetary Boundaries, and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to portray the environment in layers of sound, each layer representing a different aspect of the world. Based on "confidence of risk" data for the UK, the layers will respond to the player's in-game choices, and together sonically paint the environmental effects caused by them. Sound and Music and the British Music Collection.


World Listening Day :: various artists (2020)

Track of the month:

Lunch at the Cove, Portland :: Joe Stevens



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